Ethics & Challenges in Public Relations

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Hi everybody, Welcome to today’s blog! As you can tell by the title we will be going over some ethics and challenges that someone might meet in a PR position. Hope you enjoy reading this blog and make sure to let me know your opinion and if you have anything to add to what I have wrote.

PR from an active field worker

Erin Callanan is the director of media relations for WGBH. After listening to her podcast with Ethical Voices I feel like she offered a lot of value to our topic. Erin Callanan was able to develop some very good PR skills as she as been working many jobs, with clients from small technology companies, to clients the size of Kodak and Walmart stores. She mentioned that it is normal to get laid off a lot as a PR. After Callanan bounced from many different jobs but she decided to partner with her friend and make their own agency she did that for 13 years. However, just two years before that she was in the interest of a change. So she took the opportunity at WGBH. She was happy about that step as it was a combination of doing the PR work that she loved along with working for a client with a really solid mission. Ensuring that all audiences have equal access to media and educational materials.

Ethical challenges

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When Callanan was asked if she has to face any ethical challenges she said that she faces ethical challenges in so many different ways every day. A client looking to put a certain message out that may not be 100% accurate or truthful. Running a business and facing that line between the clients that you really truly believe in and needing to keep the doors open and your employees employed. Every day she has to make choices about the messages she’s putting out and how she stays true to the values of honest, truthful, ethical PR, and to be responsible not only to herself but to her clients, and to the profession in a whole. As a Pr there will always be hard decisions to make but at the end of the day you have to do what is right and stay truthful and ethical.

 PRSA Code of Ethics 

 PRSA Code of Ethics are Codes designed to be a useful guide for PRSA members as they carry out their ethical responsibilities. This document is designed to anticipate and accommodate, by precedent, ethical challenges that may arise.

Examples of PRSA codes that Erin Callanan covered in her podcast were:

Honesty: in her job experience there were some people who were not honest about there products and would give an extreme untrue propaganda. Erin Callanan said in the podcast that staying truthful is the best way to make it as all these lies that you make will get figured out and that would reflect bad on you in the end. I definitely agree with her.

Loyalty: Erin Callanan Said that it was important to be fair with clients and give them the service they need while at the same time staying fair with the public and give them accurate information and staying truthful with them

Expertise: Erin Callanan mentioned that it was important to always keep on learning and gaining experience in the PR profession. I think that is exactly what she did based on the podcast

future PR

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What I think future PRS can learn is that it is better to stay honest in the profession even sometimes it will be tempting not to. But lack of honestly can hurt a career so bad. Also another thing, Make sure to get a lot of experience and always upgrade from yourself. It is ok to say no instead of not telling the truth. So if there are some things you will not be able to to tell the public tell them that you wont be able instead of lying . Lastly if you see something say something, so if you see your colleagues doing something wrong talk to him/her about it.

We are very thankful for you going through the blog. Hope it was helpful! Make sure to leave a comment here and follow our Instagram.

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